2005 Toyota Tacoma, Tacoma Problems
10.21.06 – #CampTacoma in its infancy - pictured here on Loon Mountain's South Peak prior to the expansion's opening.

TacomaProblems.com started out with the purpose of informing readers about my experience with the Toyota Tacoma frame rust recall. In the beginning, I was hoping that it’d be one more card in my hand when I was dealing with the constant back & forth with both the dealership and Toyota Corp. Did it help? Hmm, not sure – but this sure was a cathartic way of dealing with the frustration of getting shut down, threatened and such when I was going through the whole process.

Going forward, hopefully this site is viewed as a good source of information for those who are going through the recall.

Additionally, I hope you enjoy the “expanded” offerings here which is mainly my day to day experience with a certain red Tacoma and everything that entails; routine maintenance, scenic trips, yada, yada, yada.

As always, feel free to drop me an email should you have any questions, concerns or comments!




11.08.16 – #CampTacoma somewhere between Bryce Canyon & I70, Utah
11.08.16 – #CampTacoma somewhere between Bryce Canyon & I70, Utah