Toyota Tacoma Problems: Navigating the Rust Recall

Unearthing the Challenges and Solutions of the Toyota Tacoma Frame Rust Recall

Welcome to, a source for insights and guidance on navigating the incredibly un-fun Toyota Tacoma Frame Rust Recall. My goal is to help you understand your rights, your vehicle’s needs, and how to negotiate with dealerships and corporate entities by sharing my personal experience.

A Toyota Tacoma sits in pieces during the Frame Rust Recall
The dismantled Toyota Tacoma.

My Own Problems.

Join me as I recount my personal experience with the Toyota Tacoma Frame Rust Recall. From the moment of discovery to the unexpected escalations and the ultimate resolution, it’s a tale of patience, perseverance, and lessons learned.

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The Unexpected Journey with My Tacoma Recall

In our journey from Massachusetts to Washington State, my 2005 Toyota Tacoma, along with my wife and our beagle Frank, never missed a beat. Until one winter in Seattle when a “clunk” from the rear escalated into a frame rust issue, covered by a Limited Service Campaign. We were approved for a frame replacement, but the process revealed parts not covered by the recall needing replacement, costing us an unexpected $5,380. Toyota Corporate wouldn’t cover it, leaving us in a standoff and an unresolved predicament.

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    Toyota Tacoma Frame Settlement Reached – Now What?

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    The Toyota Tacoma Frame Rust Recall: A Negotiation with No End in Sight

    My journey with the Toyota Tacoma frame rust recall is still unfolding, and there’s some good news (of sorts) to share. After whittling down from a staggering $5300+ quote, we’re now looking at a comparatively more palatable $1500 – all for a recall on a frame damaged by excessive rust. A Potential Resolution? In an…

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    The Toyota Tacoma Frame Rust Recall Saga: A Plea to Toyota

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  • The Toyota Tacoma Frame Recall Debacle: An Unsettling Progress Report

    The Toyota Tacoma Frame Recall Debacle: An Unsettling Progress Report

    It was the love for my 2005 Toyota Tacoma that led me into this quagmire, a journey mired in confusion, high costs, and a prolonged tussle with Toyota Corporate over an issue that should have been straightforward: excessive frame rust. This is a tale of a Limited Service Campaign that turned into a burdensome challenge.…

  • The Hidden Cost of Toyota Tacoma’s Frame Recall: A Personal Experience

    The Hidden Cost of Toyota Tacoma’s Frame Recall: A Personal Experience

    My wife, our beagle Frank, and I didn’t anticipate the journey we were embarking upon with our 2005 Toyota Tacoma, a reliable companion that had driven us 182,000 miles from Massachusetts to Washington State. However, as Tacoma owners ourselves, we soon discovered the potential downside of a Toyota Tacoma recall. Discovering the Frame Rust Issue…

TL;DR – What’s going on?

Tacoma Frame Rust Recall: The Ongoing Saga

Toyota Frame Recall - Why is a recall costing $5380?


My 2005 Toyota Tacoma, affectionately known as #CampTacoma, is subject to a Limited Service Campaign due to excessive rust resulting in a frame susceptible to perforation. This isn’t a minor issue – the rust is so extensive that the truck is currently in three separate pieces at a Seattle area dealership.

The Present Status

The mechanics are poised to start the rebuild, but they’ve hit a roadblock. The severity of the rust means that additional parts need replacement – parts that will or have already been damaged during the frame replacement. Here’s the catch: these parts aren’t covered in the recall.

The Extra Cost

For me to proceed with the necessary repairs, the dealership is asking for an extra $5380. This cost is to cover the additional parts not included in the recall. I have informed the dealership that I won’t shoulder any additional expenses associated with the recall.

Advocacy and Negotiation

The Service Representative from the dealership understands my stance and has been advocating on my behalf to Toyota Corporate. For the past two weeks, we’ve been in a standoff with Toyota Corporate, which refuses to cover the cost of any parts that aren’t explicitly included in their frame recall “policy.”

A Tough Decision

The situation puts me between a rock and a hard place. If I refuse to take on the extra costs, Toyota will return the truck in its current state: old, rusty frame and all. The decision to be made is not an easy one, considering the emotional and financial implications involved.

This page serves as an ongoing record of the struggles I’m facing during this recall process. I will continue to update as the situation evolves. Please feel free to share your own experiences or suggestions in the comments section below. Follow along with the journey at @TacomaProblem.

Toyota Frame Recall - Excessive Rust


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