Toyota Tacoma Rust ProblemsFirst – there’s an apology due.

And that’s from me to whomever has found this site searching for answers related to Toyota & their Toyota Tacoma Frame Rust Recall. Sorry that I left this rather open ended.

My last post was November 10th and I had decided on letting Toyota blink first. Here’s the short of it –

During that wait, I received a number of calls from their customer service that my Tacoma was going to be towed off the lot and that it’d be my responsibility to remove it to wherever they relocated it. This all occurred while I was traveling in Europe for work so the inability to have correspondence take place via email, but rather a number of different phone conversations was a nice little expense on my phone bill.

All in all, it was at this time where I was ready to give in. I had a truck in pieces, a pregnant wife at home and was halfway across the Earth with this on going situation pulling my attention away from all the other stuff I needed to be focusing on.

And then – just as quickly as this escalated – it got resolved.

The dealership called a few days after I returned from Europe and told me that they’d get the truck wrapped up, parts replaced and ready to go.

Through all my repeated social posts on twitter, facebook, and instagram and a few hours of filling in my story here online, the one thing that seems to have worked was taking the time to fill out a complaint with the Washington State Attorney General and their Consumer Protections Division.

On November 23rd – I received an email from the Attorney General’s office with an attached pdf – Toyota would agree to “cover the additional components to be replaced in … vehicle as a goodwill gesture, and in the interest in customer retention.

End result? My Tacoma is back in the driveway. Customer retained? Eh – undecided.

Here’s my final takeaway from all this –

I think it’s extremely important to be as calm as possible and be respectful to the other side of the argument. I may have been extremely terse in the conversations but at the end of the day – the person on the other end of the line or at the dealership is doing a job. They’re not inherently evil and yelling at a phone is just stupid.

Love the product – hate the Brand. Man this just seemed like such an error on Toyota’s part. The whole frame rust recall is definitely a marketing nightmare but they just seemed to shoot themselves in the foot with this. I love my Tacoma and outside of some minor wear and tear (oh, and a frame rusting out!), it’s been an awesome vehicle and one I’ll plan on driving for the foreseeable future. The Brand though? Ugh, I get nauseous now every time I see a commercial.

Had they resolved this quickly, this site would never have happened and/or I would’ve taken it down. Now? Well, I’ll leave it up as a resource for other Toyota Tacoma owners who might find themselves in the same predicament – hopefully this helps.